NEU Theory

NEU Theory

The Nature of Physical Reality

Measurement of Physical Properties

Measurement in Nature


To measure a physical property is to ascertain or determine its magnitude or quantity of something by comparison to a fixed unit. The result can be numerically displayed as a positive number or fraction of the unit.

Measurement may not be easy, but in principle, if it’s not there to be measured it does not exist. There are no “virtual” physical quantities in the Neu Theory model, only real physical quantities.

Any rational system of measurement is acceptable. We just need to be clear what is being measured, the unit of measurement, and the tool of measurement being used.

The source of the numbers and values used in the body of the work come from Appendix B – Neu Theory Constants & Values; and Appendix C – Neu Mass & Charge Radii of Natural and Selected Radioactive Isotopes. The two appendices in turn are compiled from published scientific handbooks and other sources that are referenced.