NEU Theory

NEU Theory

The Nature of Physical Reality

The Ten Postulates

The Initial Assumptions about Nature

The Neu Theory model of physical reality begins by making the following ten initial assumptions about nature. The theory is “front-loaded”, which essentially means that everything that will be needed later by the model is part of these basic assumptions. It is postulated:

  1. The universe as observed is in physical homeostasis.
  2. The universe is made from an invariant large number, called cosmic N, of identical matter objects called quantum n’s.
  3. Each quantum n has an invariant three part physical topology.
  4. Each quantum n must exist in one of two physical states, the neutral a-state whole, or the electric b-state parts.
  5. Each quantum n is made from twin, discrete, physically linked, forms of movement/energy, called Spin and Rise, that intrinsically move at the speed of light c, and are uniformly accelerating with the constant a.
  6. The speed and acceleration of quantum spin and rise are perpetually synchronized.
  7. The movement/energy value of quantum spin and rise is equal and fixed.
  8. The direction of each quantum movement/energy is unique, fixed at right angles to the other, and can never change.
  9. One movement/energy cannot change into the other.
  10. Only equal quantities of the two movement/energies can link and de-link.