NEU Theory

NEU Theory

The Nature of Physical Reality

5. The Recycling Universe Hypothesis

What is the purpose of galaxies in nature?

The Recycling Universe Hypothesis is the Neu Theory description of how the universe can be considered as a dynamic physical being, a “cosmic whole” in perpetual homeostasis, an organism with a natural self-regulating internal cycle, maintained by the cosmic web of galaxies.

Made of all the atoms, space and light in nature, the cosmic body is a uniformly accelerating steady-state structure of matter, energy and movement/synergy, with a definable topological form and behavior.

Cosmic homeostasis is maintained by the manufacturing of fresh space and electric charge by recycling plasm, the elementary matter particle that exists only as part of a neutron cell. This perpetual one-way atomic matter/energy cycle occurs in the stars and the electric supercell cores (“black holes”) of galaxies and is the cosmic reason for their ubiquitous existence.

The physical meaning of cosmological redshift is hypothesized.