NEU Theory

NEU Theory

The Nature of Physical Reality

1. The Quantum SpinRise Hypothesis

energy – matter – time – force

The Quantum SpinRise Hypothesis is the Neu Theory description of energy, matter, time and force

It is hypothesized there are only four primal physical quantities in nature. These four quantities are conserved with time, and everything is made from them.

It is postulated that the first two of the four primal physical quantities are (equal but different) quantum chunks of primal movement/energy (~ 939 MeV each). These two energies, called absolute spin and absolute rise, have topologically linked together forming a three part composite object of primal matter, called quantum spinrise.

Quantum spinrise is the ordinary neutron. The neutron has static and dynamic properties that are conserved. There is an invariant number (N) of neutrons in nature that exist in one of two natural states, the neutral a-state or the electric b-state. N is the fourth primal physical quantity.

The dynamic properties of the neutron arise from the third primal physical quantity, the uniform universal acceleration of the speed of absolute movement (natural acceleration) with the constanta“. This results in the one-way phenomena of time and becomes the primal source of force in nature.