NEU Theory

NEU Theory

The Nature of Physical Reality

The Beginning Myth

The Little Bangs Legend

Gather around people and let me tell you the legend of the little bangs. This is the story of how the Immortals decided to stop being immortal and give themselves a life by filling the universe with atoms, space, and light. These are what eventually created you and me, here and now.

The Immortal Cluster – pre-history

Once upon a time, a very long time ago, there were a number of small creatures called the immortals. The immortals were really, really tiny things compared to you and me, and there was a whole bunch of them. The immortals filled the entire universe, in fact they were the universe as there was nothing else.

Nobody knew exactly how many of them there were. They knew it was a lot, but how many? The best guess was an odd number, a prime near 30 with 78 zeros after it, or about a population of thirty million trillion trillion trillion trillion trillion trillion bodies.


Nobody knew where they had come from or when they had arrived. These were questions that had been asked but never answered. They were here now and had always been, and on top of all that, they all thought alike, and at the same time.

They called themselves the Immortal Cluster. See Figure 6.1 – The Immortal Cluster

large circle completely with hexagons with black balls with green bands and spin-magnetic arrows Figure 6.1 The Immortal Cluster

All the immortals looked alike and weighed exactly the same, meaning they contained the same quantity of mass. From our point of view, using a perfect scale balance weighing one immortal against another, the pans of the scale would always stay perfectly level.

Perhaps some immortals were a little bigger and some a little smaller, but for all practical purposes they could be considered as being the same size with a volume of ~3.94 x 10-45 cubic meter, a very small amount by our human standards. Together they were somewhat like a really big cluster of fish eggs with hard yolks and shells, touching each other in a polyhedral lattice. (Figure 1)

They were all made of only two kinds of stuff that they called Type I matter and Type II matter. Type I matter was at an absolute density of 6.69 x 1017 kg/m, meaning the density never changed. Type II mater was compressible matter that varied in density, but subject to change with pressure.

The Core

Most of an immortal’s body (~99.86 % of its mass and 63.42 % of it’s total volume), was in a hard spinning ball of Type I matter in the center of the egg called the core. The diameter of each core was ~1.68 x 10-15 meter. The average center to center distance between  the spinning cores was ~1.98 x 10-15 meter.The immortal balls never got bigger, and never got smaller. The balls never stopped spinning, and the spinning never went faster or slower or changed direction.

The constant spinning made the balls into tiny magnets with a north and south pole. The size, direction of spin, and the north/south magnetic polarity of all immortal balls was always exactly the same and never changed.

All the immortal ball magnets lined up with each other in pairs, spinning one-way and the other, sometimes pointing spin-up, and sometimes spin-down, but never spin-sideways with each other, and the magnetic poles and field always stayed lined up with the spin axis. If there was a change in the local magnetic field, the spin axis of the balls would precess for a bit in the plasm. This is how it had always been.

As we have said, each immortal had a small body. In fact it was so tiny, that the combined volume of all 30 x 1078 immortal bodies was calculated, by an immortal who like math, to be approximately 1.18 x 1035 cubic meters, which is equal to a ball with a radius of 300 million kilometers. As a comparison the mean orbital distance of the planet Mars around our Sun is 228 million kilometers.

Nobody knew what was beyond the immortal cluster. They called it the great beyond, the place where they weren’t.

None of the immortals had actually seen the great beyond, or even been close to it, they always seemed to be in the center of the cluster, far away from the void, each one of them always surrounded by everybody, while touching only a few other immortals. This was considered a paradox since their population was a finite number, the cosmic cluster had to end somewhere. Shouldn’t there be at least some immortals at a distant immortal/beyond boundary? Yet they could all truthfully answer that it wasn’t any one of them.

The Membrane

A small amount of Type I matter (~0.05 % of the mass and 0.001 % of the total volume), called the membrane shell, made a thin (11.0 x 10-20 m) hard blanket – without any holes, seams or zippers – that completely covered the spinning core. Unlike the core, the blanket matter didn’t spin. Also, despite the fact it was as hard as the core, the membrane blanket was malleable, meaning it could get thinner or thicker, was flexible, and could make “sharp” bends. This was the reason the immortals could stay completely touching each other without moving.

The Plasm

Between the core ball and the membrane blanket was another place, a volume called the hollow, which was completely filled with Type II matter (~0.08 % of the mass and 36.54 % of the total immortal volume), called the plasm. The plasm mass was ~50 % more than the membrane blanket, but still 1,200 times less than the core.

The Type II matter in the immortal hollow was different, as, unlike the Type I core and membrane matter, where the specific volume and absolute density (~6.69 x 1017 kg/m3) never changed, the volume of the plasm would get bigger and smaller with the slightest change in pressure, making the membrane blanket thinner or thicker – sort of like a polyhedral rubber balloon – as it adjusted in size with the changing volume and density of the plasm. This was the reason each immortal could be bigger and smaller. The plasm density was ~9.68 x 1014 kg/m3 which is ~691 times less than absolute density of the core and membrane.

Also, the plasm didn’t spin, and its only job, like a strong spring, was to get bigger and smaller depending on how hard it was getting pushed and how hard it needed to push back.

The internal push within the cluster was so strong (more than 30 million times the force of gravity on the Earth’s surface) it forced the immortal bodies close together into a super tight geometric lattice. However, all spinning cores were perpetually separated by two films of Type II plasm behaving as a “frictionless” fluid, and two thin blankets of hard Type I matter.

All the immortals’ blankets completely touched one another with several faces (facets) “kissing” other immortals. The number of faces of the immortals’ polyhedral shape depended on the number of neighbors, usually around 13 more or less. There wasn’t any room between the blankets and the immortals couldn’t push through their neighbors (as they were fermions overlapping was not allowed). It was a huge crowd, and there were always the same number of bodies between them and the great void. Everybody was pretty snug and as cold as it gets, frozen solid, motionless except for spin, close to absolute 0° K.

But they weren’t happy because they weren’t actually doing anything except spinning-in-place in their own plasm with their blankets always kissing the same cold neighbors. Once in forever due to a change in the local magnetic field, some core would flip its spin axis (rotate 180 degrees) with the membrane and plasm not moving. The neighboring cores would jiggle and precess a bit, but that was it. Nothing else ever happened. This had been an eternal problem and everybody agreed that something needed to be done.

The Great Decision

The Collective Desire to Change

Then at one magic moment, nobody knows when, all the immortals – since they were all the same – started thinking aloud saying something like: Hey neighbors, this isn’t working. Look at us, we are all alike, we can’t tell one facet from another. We can’t go anywhere as there is nowhere to go and no way to get there. There is nothing to do except spin and push against each other, and all this crowding and pushing is enough to give everybody a headache. We have been stuck here forever, touching the same neighbors, getting bored out of our axis. We need to change this, but what can we do?

Then after another long time, nobody knows how long, everybody agreed – at the same time of course – that something had to be done, but nobody quite knew what? Then all at once they came to a collective consciousness decision. What they needed was to get a life. For this they needed a plan, a clear set of instructions which told them exactly what to do and how to do it. They decided to call the plan the road to life, and the details and rules of the plan, nature.

Next they all together put on their thinking caps becoming philosophers, doctors, scientists, theologians, architects, engineers, musicians, artists, whatever, and started thinking how life and nature would work. Then after more time, somebody, perhaps one of the smaller immortals, because it felt a little more pushed than the others, came up with a bright idea saying; “ I know how we can do it. Since all we have to work with is ourselves, why don’t we just flip off our blankets and use our hollow plasm matter to make something from ourselves”.

Wow, everybody liked this new idea, the same spin it was thought of course,  and immediately started imagining the possibilities that were opened.

But first they had to decide, what it was they really wanted, and even more important, what it was they really needed, as the plan of life had to be as simple as the simple folk they were.

Identifying the Basic Needs of Life

After careful collective consideration, which as usual took forever, four truly important wants and needs were identified. Then they all started thinking aloud at once, which could have been a problem, however since they were all thinking the same thoughts at the same time, sort of like a silent chant in harmony, nobody felt interrupted. This is what was being thought:

  • Space – First, we are tired of being pushed together. We want some room or distance between each of us so we are not so crowded together that we can’t move. We will call this place to move around in space. We need space.
  • Motion – Second, we want to be able to get around in this space so we can go and meet each other. We will call this ability to get around motion. We need motion.
  • Electricity – Third, we want to be able to touch and stay connected with each other if we decide to do so; and the ability to stay apart from others when we don’t want them to be anywhere near us. We will call these special powers electricity. We need electricity.
  • Light – Fourth, we want to be able to communicate with each other, sending messages back and forth through space so we can tell each other what’s happening. We will call these messages light. We need light.

These are four new basic things we want and need for life that we don’t have as yet. We will call them the four energies, and they will create a natural environment for us to live in. The other basic things we need we already possess:

The Solution from Within

After much thought the following design proposal was presented by everybody to everybody. The solution was based on the original bright idea by the smallish immortal that everybody liked. It was agreed that the four additional needs required by the plan of life that the immortals didn’t already have, specifically the four energies of space, motion, electricity, and light – could be met by using the Type II matter of the hollow plasm. All the plasm substance would be used. None would be stored for future use.

All the needs would be met by separating and using the “spinrise energies” that made up the plasm matter. The rise energy would make space and motion; and the spin energy would make electricity and light. None of the energies would, or even could be wasted.

The plan requires the road to life to begin with seven steps. The seventh step is actually a ramp which eventually will level out, and then the road will keep on going straight as an arrow with no end in sight. We will all be on this road forever, as there will be no way to stop it once it has started, and we can never ever return back to being the immortal cluster again.

The Seven Steps on the Road to Life

We will now describe to ourselves with some detail how the seven steps or phases of the plan work, so everyone will know what to expect. Our planners are confident that this plan will work as designed. Of course we will only know this for certain after it has been implemented. Here are the 7 steps. There is a lot to learn, so please do pay attention.

Step 1. The Spin-Off

The Breaking of the Eggs

First all of us, at the same moment of course, will have to let our plasm “out of its hollow bottle” so we can start working with it. This means each spinning core will have to start pushing through their membrane blanket at the same time. This will make a hole in the blanket, allowing it come off (spin-off) the core, separating our three parts:

  1. Our spinning core balls will remain as they are, spinning in the same direction, except their N/S magnetic polarity will flip and they will become about 50% stronger magnets.
  2. Our non-spinning membrane blankets will flip inside-out, shrink into small balls, closing but not removing the hole, and start spinning in the same direction as the core. As the membrane balls are around 1/12 the diameter of the core balls, they will spin around 12 times faster. They will also become super strong magnets, around 658 times stronger than the detached spinning core balls, except they will have an opposite magnetic N/S polarity. The magnetic force of the spinning membranes will be 960 times stronger than an original immortal core, however, with the same N/S polarity.
  3. Our non-spinning Type II matter plasm blobs instead of being surrounded and embedded with Type I matter, will now become one giant blob surrounding the Type I matter of both our spin/magnetic core balls and spin/magnetic membrane balls.

If we all do this together it will only take a few spins, around 264 at the most. We start counting with the first spin. All our individual plasms will immediately merge together into one great ocean of plasm that will surround all our magnetic spinning balls. Instead of being frozen in place, we will now be magnetically suspended in place. However our body temperature will remain near absolute zero until the great plasm ocean de-links into its energy parts.

The total magnetic force in the cluster will be ~1,400 times greater than we are now. However this will not be a problem, because at present half our cores spin up and the other half spin down thus balancing each other. This will remain after spin-off, as half the membrane balls will spin up and the other half will spin down in a magnetic lattice maintaining the balance. Of course there will always be the prime immortal who could be up or down depending on your point of view. This will leave a net residual force of one core ball magnetic dipole, and one membrane ball magnetic dipole in the entire cluster. There will be local imbalances, however, the cluster as a whole will remain in balance. Secretly, each immortal was certain they were the prime one, and they were all right.

Just to reassure everyone, our individual plasm will stay connected around us, with a topological memory, despite being just one drop in the great homogenous plasm ocean. As before, the only boundary will be the cluster/void boundary as a whole. There will be no space, motion, electricity, and light as yet, and we will remain very cold, because the plasm will not have as yet separated (de-linked) into its two component energies. This is Step 1, the beginning phase in the road to life.

Step 2. The Magnetic Expanding Plasm Ocean

The Cold Dark Universe

Now we will just have to wait a little bit until our plasm ocean expands in volume, with decreasing density. Waiting shouldn’t be difficult, because we have already waited forever. Considering our starting mass, size and number, and with the plasm ocean expanding-in-place at a rate we don’t exactly know, it may take some time until the next step, but rest assured it will happen.

We will become spin aligned magnetic balls more or less equally distributed in the homogenously expanding and diluting plasm. See Figure 6.2 – The Plasm Ocean.The smaller, lighter, faster spinning membranes will be very strong magnets. The larger, heavier, slower spinning cores will be weak magnets with an opposite north/south polarity, approximately 658 times weaker than the membranes. The magnetic forces will be much stronger than our natural individual pushiness.
Large circle shaded light grey filled with smaller black balls with green bands representing matter cores and membranes before the little bang transformation Figure 6.2 – The Plasm Ocean
As the plasm ocean inflates, instead of one homogenous lattice of magnetic balls, we will start grouping in
magnetically aligned clusters, or domains, being separated by the expanding-in-place plasm. These small magnetic domains will combine into larger domains with their aligned N/S axes pointing in random directions. This will provide the seeds for our future large scale cosmic structure.

As the plasm cluster boundary expands the average distance between our cores will start to increase. When we start our cores almost touch each other with a center to center distance of ~ 1.98  femtometers (10-15 meters). Our entire cluster will have started with a radius of 300 million kilometers. After some time the cluster will double to 600 million kilometers, and the average distance between cores will also doubled to 3.96 fm. With the next doubling to 1,200 million kilometers the distance between cores will double again to 7.92 fm.

I am sure we all understand that as the cluster expands only the plasm will change in density. The density of the core and membrane never changes, hence their contribution to the cluster volume is fixed at ~7.42×1034 m3, and will remain as a smaller and smaller fraction of the whole.

When we start, based on our number, our cluster has a total mass of 5.0×1052 kg, a volume of 11.7×1034 m3, and an average density of 4.25×1017 kg/m3 about 63.5% of absolute density at 6.69×1017 kg/m3.

  • The total core and membrane mass is 4.9958×1052 kg, a combined total volume of 7.42×1034 m3. Since core and membrane matter are at absolute density, this volume will remain constant with time. At start this volume represents 63.46% of the total cluster volume. As the plasm expands, this percentage will rapidly start to drop.
  • The total plasm mass is 0.0042×1052 kg, the starting density is 9.68×1014 kg/m3 and the starting volume is 4.27×1034 m3 which represents 36.5% of our total cluster volume. As the plasm expands this percentage will rapidly start to increase.
This is Step 2, the plasm phase in our road to life. Then everything will change again.

Step 3. The Little Bangs Moment

Birth of the Charge Shells, Space & Motion

Then at some moment, without much if any warning, our plasm ocean will spontaneously start to de-link into its two equal parts of absolute spin and rise movement/energy surrounding each spin/magnetic couple. Considering how many we are, and with a half life of only 10 minutes, this will not take much time.

In the first ten minutes one-half of our plasm number will de-link. In the next ten ten minutes another half will de-link and so on until after 264 halvings all of our plasm will be gone. Total time about 8.97×1027 core spins or 44 hours. In less than two days our cluster will transform from a primal 100% neutral a-state to a 100% electric b-state. We will call this the little bangs moment in our history.

After 44 hours of plasm de-linkage the cosmic cluster will go from a temperature near absolute zero to a temperature of many millions of degrees Kelvin due to the intense kinetic motion of the free electric ions.

With plasm de-linkage several things immediately happen:

The Distribution of De-Linked Spin Movement/Energy

The spin movement/energy (~0.782 MeV, 1.253×10-10 Joules) from the de-linked plasm shell will mirror split into 2 equal shells. Spin movement/energy is the “going around and around thing” within us that keeps us together, and from where we get our size and spin. It is from this total spin energy (~2.34×1079 MeV, 3.759×1066 J) that we will make electricity and light.

  • One half of the split spin energy (~0.782/2 MeV) will surround and completely cover the spin/magnetic core, becoming the positive electric charge shell
  • The other half of the mirror split spin energy (~0.782/2 MeV) will surround and completely cover the spin/magnetic membrane ball, becoming the negative electric charge shell.

The charge shells with their intrinsic electric auras are the components of electricity that will give us the attracting power to come together and stay connected when we want to, and the repelling power to stay away from others when we don’t want to be near them.

It is important to emphasize to everybody that, despite the big difference in size between our matter couple, exactly one half of the de-linked spin movement/energy will attach itself to the spinning membrane ball and the other one half will attach itself to the spinning core ball, and will stay with them.

However, the charge shells will have the ability to detach away from the spinning surface when needed. The ability of the positive charge shell to detach and migrate from the spinning core surface is crucial, because without that ability, atoms beyond hydrogen cannot be made, and the plan of life would remain unfinished. It will be extremely difficult, though not impossible, to briefly detach and migrate the negative charge shell that covers the spinning membrane ball.

The equally split spin movement/energy of each charge shell cannot be further subdivided. There will be no fractional charges.

In the future the positive and negative charge shells with their electric force fields will allow the matter couples to come together in families making the atoms and photons of light.

The Distribution of De-Linked Rise Movement/Energy

The rise movement/energy (~1.253×10-13 J, 0.782 MeV) from the delinked plasm shell will be split into 3 unequal parts that will vary in energy distribution with each little bang, however the total energy of the 3 parts will remain constant. Rise movement/energy is the “trying to get bigger thing” within us from where we get our quantity (mass) and pushiness (the “g” force). It is from this total fixed amount of plasm rise energy that we will make space and motion.

  • space – on the average about two-thirds of the plasm shell rise energy (~0.83×10-13 J, 0.52 MeV ) of each immortal will explode into an expanding/diffusing-in-place ball of accelerating (1st law) free rise movement/energy. This is a quanta of space, the zomon pulse. Zomons are bosons, meaning they can merge with each other to make Zome which is the space or room everybody says they want and need to move around in.
  • electron momentum – about one-third of the plasm shell rise energy (~0.41×10-13 J, 0.26 MeV) will stay with the less massive membrane ball with its negative electric charge shell, becoming the bound kinetic energy of motion. The membrane ball will rapidly start move away from the core. Motion is a non-accelerating (2nd law) kind of energy that will provide the ability everybody needs to move around in the space that we just made.
  • proton momentum – a small amount of plasm shell rise energy ∼1/1000th of total rise energy released, will stay with the more massive core with its positive electric charge shell, as the non-accelerating kinetic energy of recoil motion.
  • The massive proton will slowly move a little, the lighter electron will quickly move a lot, but not in the exact opposite direction to the core’s recoil, because the zomon pulse balances the momentum.
All the plasm rise energy will be used, none will or can be wasted, the total will always be the same, but the exact split between space and motion is a balance (continuous beta decay spectrum) that will naturally work itself out as circumstances require, sort of like a cosmic cluster thermostat.
We would also like everybody to clearly understand that space is special. This is because, unlike the electric charge shells who stick around, space is something we can’t hang on to, we will have to keep making it fresh all the time. We address this concern with the atomic matter/energy cycle, a description of which is part of the specific plan details.

It should be noted that for topological reasons after spin-off, only core balls will get the positive electric charge shells, and only membrane balls will get the mirror opposite negative electric charge shells. Also, there will never be any extra leftover charge shells, All balls will be covered by electric charge shells. There will be no stable naked balls.

There will always be a one to one relation between charge shell pairs and zomons as both are released and absorbed at the same time. The birth of electricity, space and motion is Step 3 in the road to life.

Compared to the final size we think the cluster will reach, at this phase the cluster will still be relatively small. As space topologically expands the average distance between matter cores will gradually increase until it will stabilize at an estimated average distance of 4 meters between cores.

Step 4. The Plasma Phase

The Hot Dark Universe

After the little bangs are over, all the plasm quanta will have de-linked. See Figure 6.3 – The Plasma Universe. The 100% plasm phase is a one time thing and will never come back. From near absolute zero, in less than two days, the cluster temperature will soar to over 100,000,000° K. However the universe will remain dark until it cools enough (~3,000° K) to synthesize hydrogen, when for the first time, light will appear in nature.

What will remain after all the plasm has delinked is the exact cluster number of core balls with a positive electric charge shell, that we will call protons, and an equal number of membrane balls with a negative charge shell, that we will call electrons. Protons and electrons always come in pairs, and they will start to rapidly move in the expanding volume of space we have just created from the plasm.


Figure 6.3 – The Plasma Universe

The protons and electrons will also be known as electric ions:

  • The proton will be known as the positive (+) ion or a cation (one which is attracted to a cathode), and its charge shell surface will be called the anode.
  • The electron will be known as the negative (-) ion or an anion (one which is attracted to an anode), and its charge shell surface will be called the cathode.

There will be strong attraction between protons and electrons, and they will try to move closer together. However, there will be an equally strong repulsion between protons, and a similar equally strong repulsion between electrons and they will try to move further apart.

This attraction and repulsion will be known as the electric field, and will be the strongest force field in nature.

Electricity will provide the permanent special power we felt we needed to come together, or stay apart.

The ions natural pushiness (g-rise) will now also project an aura (the spinfield) into space. The g-rise/spinfield force and effect, though minute for individual ions compared to the electric force, can only add and for larger numbers becomes very powerful.

With the little bangs over the ions will gain tremendous kinetic energy and start to rapidly move and bounce around within an homogeneously expanding and diffusing-in-place quantity of accelerating free rise movement/energy that we have named Zome. Zome is made from 3.0×1079 zomons released with the little bangs. This is exactly equal to the number of protons, and the number of electrons.

After the little bangs there will be a fixed quantity (~1.57×1079 Mev) of free rise movement energy expanding/diffusing-in-place. Initially this space energy will be relatively dense, but as the cluster boundary (the cosmic horizon) expands and the volume increases, the zome energy will diffuse. The expansion will increase the average distance between the core balls. However, the actual distance between balls will vary, as the balls will begin to cluster in smaller groups.

Zome will eventually provide all the space we need to move around in.

The initial kinetic energy of the ions will be greater then the force of attraction between them, and this will prevent them from bonding into atoms of hydrogen. They will just rapidly move around as free ions in an ever expanding and diffusing-in-place space. This is Step 4, the plasma phase in our road to life.

But eventually, the g-rise pressure of expanding and diffusing space will keep pushing the ions into giant clouds, and then into smaller clouds within the giant clouds, where they will begin to slow down and the electric attraction between the ions will be enough for them to bond into atomic hydrogen.

It is worth repeating that during the plasma phase, despite the intense temperature, there will be no light in the expanding space. The cluster will as yet be dark. Light will only be released with with the synthesis of hydrogen, the next step in our road to life.

As planned,  the cosmic inflation of space, will continue to separate the embedded ionic matter and extend the cosmic cluster volume into the beyond. The cluster boundary will continue to expand at the accelerating speed of absolute movement, the cluster doubling time will get longer and longer, and the average distance between cores will increase at a slower rate.

During the plasma universe, the electric/zomon (b-state) number will become equal to 1.0 N. The neutral neutron (a-state) number will become 0.0 N.


Step 5. Hydrogen & the Birth of Light

The Warm Radiant Universe

As space keeps expanding and diffusing-in-place at our accelerating absolute movement, the cosmic volume will keep getting larger and larger, and the average distance between cores will continue to increase albeit at a slower rate. The fixed kinetic energy from the little bangs will occupy an larger and larger volume, and the average cosmic cluster temperature will keep dropping.

However, the g-rise pressure from space, even though it is getting less and less, will keep pushing our ion clouds together into smaller denser volumes, then even smaller and denser groups, with the average space between groups getting larger and the average space between ions getting less. This will continue to define the large scale cosmic structure, that started with the magnetic domains in the plasm phase.

The Great Coupling and the Beginning of the Dance of Life.

After more spins, its hard to say how many, but quite a few, as the temperature drops our electric couples will slow down enough, and their strong attraction to each other will make them come together and make the first atom, which we will call hydrogen. Then, the spinning electron will start going around and around the spinning proton in sort of a primitive dance, we shall call the orbital.

The orbital dance forms a place between the moving electron and the stationary proton, that we will call the electric hollow. The electric hollow is the place from where we make and absorb light. Our first dance will will be as the atom hydrogen, and we will all release a photon of hydrogen light. See Figure 6.4 – The Hydrogen Universe.

Figure 6.4 – The Hydrogen Universe

As the hydrogen phase begins, all of space will be quickly filled with fresh hydrogen gas and two slightly different photons of hydrogen light (hyper-fine splitting). The photons are different because they are made from electrons that can arrive from two directions, and always travel with their closed hole, and North magnetic pole, pointed in the direction they are going. The hemisphere of arrival creates a small magnetic difference.

It should be noted that photons are much larger than the atoms that form them. For example, the hydrogen photon has a starting size (wavelength) of 9.11 x 10-8 meters, more than 800 times larger than the diameter of the hydrogen atom. This large relative size is because the photon is not made “inside” the atom, it is formed “outside” the atom.

The photons of light (radiant energy) are just bubbles of non-accelerating free spin energy that will hitchhike a ride with space, and will be carried at the speed of absolute movement until they are absorbed, letting somebody know what happened. Light will allow us to stay connected with each other over the vast distances of space between our atomic clustering that will eventually occur after transformation.

Talking with each other may take a while, as space can only move so fast (299 792 458 meters per second), and the distances between clusters will get pretty large. But photons will keep on traveling with space until somebody observes them and sometimes this will be a very long time, leading to substantial redshift.

The redshift and the other properties of photons is covered in the specific details of the plan. However, to put it in simple terms, redshift is the price paid in energy by photons as they travel with space. Photons are very special, as unlike us fermions they are bosons, which means that they can pass through each other as they travel with space in their emitted direction, without paying the slightest bit of attention to each other. They are just messengers with one job and they don’t communicate with each other, they only communicate with atoms.

As there are so many of us, space will become filled with photons passing through each other, all going somewhere. Light (gamma rays) can also be made in another way when its needed by the matter cycle. We don’t need to go into that now, but rest assured all is explained in the specific details of the plan for life.

The universal volume of space will become filled with light for the first time. The age of hydrogen and light will have arrived and will never leave.
In the hydrogen universe, the electric/zomon number will stay at 1.0 N. The neutral neutral number will stay at 0.0 N.


Step 6. Stars, Supercells & Galaxies

Synthesis of Neucleons

With the hydrogen universe all of us immortals will be gone, and there will only be dancing ion pairs. Not one immortal to be found anywhere. Space will keep its one-way expansion and diffusion at the accelerating speed of absolute movement, with the cluster horizon at the beyond boundary enclosing a larger and larger volume.

Now here is where the plan for life really gets interesting. Get this.

The plan documents require, that some of us immortals be reborn. It turns out that we won’t be permanently gone, never to return. It seems we are actually needed for this plan to work. However there is a catch, which is, that we won’t exactly be immortal anymore. We will be built the same, look the same, act the same, but we will not be able to survive as free bodies in the space we have just created. Actually there will be three kinds of us, called neucleons. The problem is that unless we are covered with a protective electric charge shell we will become unstable. Exposed to space, in around 15 minutes average, we will spin-off our membranes, and it will be deja vu, the little bang all over again.

Since there are no free electric charge shells available – as they are all protecting ions – it seems the only way we can survive, that is stay stable, is if we use the protective charge shell from an electron or a proton. Unfortunately we can’t just steal the electric jacket, we can only “borrow” it and its owner comes with the shell. As the light fast electron is almost impossible to catch, it will be a lot easier to get hold of a proton’s positive electric charge shell. Of course the happily married proton with his dancing electron sweetheart will not easily give up his mojo. So we will need to create an environment where the proton will have no choice in the matter.

Growth of the Spinfields

Fortunately such an environment will naturally be provided, as large clouds of hydrogen atoms will start to combine their individual spinfields condensing into individual smaller clouds with larger spinfields. When the numbers get large enough, and dense enough, the atoms will re-ionize. With the internal pressure of g-rise, and the kinetic and radiant energy of the ions, the cores of plasma clouds will eventually become dense and hot enough to ignite becoming stars.

Stars synthesize three entities from hydrogen plasma which we will call neucleons. These are deuterons, helions, and neutrons which, along with electrons in various combinations will make the other elements after hydrogen. See Figure 6.5 – The Three Neucleons. We will need to use many of these elements during our lives.

Large circle shaded light blue filled with smaller balls with colored bands representing the neucleons, protons, and electrons Figure 6.5 – The Three Neucleons

Stars – the Synthesis of the Neucleons and Atoms

Neucleons are made in stars. There are many types of stars, and each type is based purely on number. Small or large, the cosmic purpose of all stars is the same, that is, first the synthesizing of neucleons, and then fusing the neucleons together to make atoms.

A star ignites when it becomes such a hot and dense plasma that mommy blankets uncurl and flip over two daddies making a deuteron (hydrogen-2) releasing more light. Deuterons are the first recycled neutron forms and the universe is no longer pure hydrogen. Two more neutron forms are created with the synthesis of helions and tritons. A helion (helium-3 nucleus) is synthesized by proton capture by a deuteron. This is needed by the life process so the second captive proton can be held in place making it easier for an electron to flip-over it, making a triton (hydrogen-3 nuclide), i.e., a neutron below a deuteron charge shield.
Each time a neucleon is made there is a corresponding reduction in the number of charge/space units because N is invariant. The electric number of the universe starts to decrease and the neutral number starts to increase and continues to do so until the galaxy matter cycles start kicking in and the first free neutrons start being released from active galactic cores.
A plasma number of 1.47 x 1055 ion pairs (4,000 earth number) makes a brown dwarf star which begins to synthesize deuterons. A plasma number of 9.0 x 1055 (1/13 solar number) makes a star which can synthesize helium. Larger number stars will synthesize neutrons as part of heavy metals. There is a corresponding decrease in the cosmic electric/zomon number with the synthesis of a deuteron or a neutron, as one hydrogen number is reduced.
  • The Deuteron – an electron is forced to flip-on two protons becoming a single cell deuteron, a neutron with the “borrowed” charge shell of a captive proton. Energy from the mass of the captive proton is released and a cellular physical size is established (4.28 x 10-15 meters in diameter). See Figure 4.3
  • The Helion – a deuteron is forced to capture a second proton becoming a single cell helion, a neutron with two “borrowed” charge shells of the captive protons. More energy from mass of captive protons is released and the cellular size gets smaller (3.92 x 10-15 meters in diameter). See Figure 4.4
  • The Neutron – an electron flips-on a helion proton making a separate neutron cell plus a deuteron below one captive charge shell. This is the triton, the first two cell cluster. More energy from the mass of the captive proton is released and the physical size gets smaller (3.52 x 10-15 meters in diameter). See Figure 4.5
  • The Alpha – two deuterons combine making an alpha – the helium-4 nucleus, the second two cell cluster. More energy from the mass of the captive protons is released and the physical size gets smaller (3.36 x 10-15 meters in diameter). Except for the solitary proton (1.68 x 10-15 meters in diameter), the alpha is the smallest atomic nucleus in nature. See Figure 4.7
  • The Atoms – deuteron and neutron cells combine in neucleon clusters making the elements and isotopes – nucleosynthesis by charge shell fusion. The deuteron and helion cell number determines the element. The neutron cell number determines the isotope. Clusters with up to 146 cells will be found in nature. However there are some cell collections that will be missing. There are no nuclides with 19, 35, 39, 61, 89, 115, and 139 cells. The architects are looking at their models to understand why that is, there must be some reason. When they figure it out we will all know at once.
Supercells – the Synthesis of Neucleon Super Clusters

Numbers larger than 3 solar masses can undergo a neucleonic collapse into a small electric supercell (mini-black hole) with a hyper-spinfield projection and the emission of an intense flux of photons (gamma ray burster).


Throughout the cosmic cluster the primal hydrogen gas will condense into giant discrete clouds with large volumes of space between clouds. Concurrently with stellar evolution within each cloud, at the core of each cloud, small or large, the galactic engine will startup.

At the center of each cloud a large electric supercell (supermassive black hole) will form that will project a uniform hyper-spinfield into space. All stars and gas within the hyper-spinfield will orbit at the same uniform speed, despite their distance form the supercell. Initially the supercells will consist of mostly deuterons.

The supercells will function as giant cosmic distribution centers ready to receive, process and release the neutrons contained in the heavy metals that are made in the stars and transported by galaxy spin dynamics into the central supercell core. There will be no supercells that contain protons only.

The cosmic horizon will continue to inflate with decreasing zome g-rise pressure within its volume. As it expands and diffuses-in-place the universe will also be changing.
Space pressure will make the hydrogen gas cluster into large numbers, and the clusters will become smaller, denser, and hotter, and eventually separate into individual protons and electrons, back to a plasma state. As per design when the ions get dense and hot enough they will become star furnaces and begin to synthesize neucleons.
Small stars will make deuterons and helium. Large stars will make the atoms and isotopes up to nickle. Some large stars can explode making the heavier elements. When some stars get larger than three solar mass they can implode into a dense neucleon supercluster making an electric supercell.
Meanwhile, throughout the universe on a larger number scale, the hydrogen gas, stars, and supercells, will start to accrete into galaxy shapes with the formation of supermassive electric supercells at their center of mass. These supermassive electric supercells will project hyper spinfields into space that will make all the stars in a galaxy orbit at a uniform rate no matter how far they were from the center.
At some moment a galaxy supercell will go into an active phase and start to eject neutrons into space, where they will quickly little bang making fresh space and electric couples.On the cosmic scale the cluster space boundary will continue to inflate into the beyond at the accelerating speed of light.

As more and more galaxies go into the active phase, the number of neutrons emitted will increase. This will slow the universal inflation of space (not its light speed expansion & diffusion), start stabilizing the distances between large scale collections of matter surrounding large pockets of space with little matter.

Step 7. Homeostasis – The Open Road

The Cool Radiant Universe

Cosmic homeostasis will be reached when there is equilibrium between the rate and average value of zomon emission, that balances the expansion and diffusion-in-place at the accelerating speed of light by the entire zomon body at approximately 0.87N. A universal volume in a state of dynamic equilibrium will arise.

Imagine ourselves as tiny specks embedded within a large bubble of space that expands and contracts within upper and lower limits that are maintained with the acceleration of time. This is because eventually the cosmic matter cycle will provide a flux of free neutrons and little bangs in numbers large enough that equilibrium will be reached, stopping the decrease in free rise density, and halting the the inflation and increase in size of the cosmos as a whole. The perpetual expansion and diffusion-in-place of space itself is permanent. This will create a finite universal volume of free rise energy at a minimum average density of rise energy per cubic meter.

If the cosmic matter cycle emissions of neutrons exceeds the upper limit for homeostasis thereby increasing free rise density, the cosmic cluster volume will start to deflate. When neutron emission falls below the lower limit for homeostasis therby decreasing free rise density, the cosmic volume will start to inflate again. You can ask where all this expansion is taking place and we will answer that metaphysically it is into the great common beyond that begins and ends within ourselves. Access to the beyond begins within the individual S3 surface electron hollow voids and ends into the common void beyond space.

The galaxy electric supercell cores will start sending out enormous jets of neutrons along their axis of rotation which quickly (one day or so) transform into space and mommy/daddy pairs. As more and more free neutrons are released, the decrease in the cosmic density of space will start to slow down and eventually an equilibrium volume will be arrived at, and the universe will reach, and then maintains its present size. At some moment the universal galaxy cycles will stabilize the density of space with an average free neutron ejection/transformation per unit volume occurring at the rate needed to replace the dissipation-in-place of free rise energy throughout the open-hollow of space. We estimate that 7%, or one out of thirteen galaxies that are formed, will have to actively produce neutrons all the time.

If the galaxies emit more neutrons than needed to replace dissipation, the density of space will start to increase. The g-rise pressure of the inertial field will increase. The doubling time of the cosmic volume of space will decrease. The apparent Cosmic Horizon will start to shrink

If the galaxies emit fewer neutrons than needed to replace dissipation, the density of space will start to decrease. The g-rise pressure of the inertial field will decrease. The doubling time of the cosmic volume of space will increase. The apparent Cosmic Horizon will start to expand.

Eventually an equilibrium flow of approximately 13 neutral wholes to 87 electric parts will be maintained by all the galaxy matter cycles in the cosmos creating a stable ratio of atomic distribution. The apparent cosmic horizon perpetually fluctuates around this ratio. The time of fluctuation above and below the equilibrium mean is perhaps the cycle with the longest period in nature, with a time period yet to be estimated, but likely taking many billions perhaps trillions of years or more.

All the plan details have been worked out, and as there is quite a bit more information, we will place the specific details in a separate document called Neu Theory that is attached to this proposal which we can read if we want to or not.

The Rules of Nature

The plan also has some basic rules that must be followed. No exceptions to these rules will be ever allowed. The rules of the plan are called natural law. There are only three rules, they are pretty simple and everybody has to follow them always:

  • The 1st Rule said, everything shall remain, meaning whatever changes take place nothing can be removed or get lost, it will always be somewhere.
  • The 2nd Rule said, everything shall remain connected with primal topology conserved. This means that the way we were connected before transformation will in some shape or form stay connected after we get a life. As the cosmic population N we are a large number of accelerating 3-surface wholes before transformation which means that after transformation whatever else happens the 3 accelerating surfaces will always remain and stay topologically connected.
  • The 3rd Rule, which seemed more of a gift than a rule, said lunch is free, served in equal portions and always on time however you must eat, meaning natural acceleration will never stop, and you’re not allowed to miss even one spin. So, everybody go enjoy life as much as you can because you will never run out of gas.

Understanding The Plan

After the immortals had presented the plan of life to themselves, they all started thinking about the consequences of the plan. What did it all mean, what was going to be different and what was going to remain the same? These are some of their collective thoughts:

Instead of immortality being frozen together as single cells, everybody was going to split apart becoming a pair of mommy/daddy ions dressed in electric charge jackets that strongly attracted each other. This irresistible attraction is called sex. When mommy/daddy ions couple together they will neutralize each other completely in a dynamic union, becoming the atom hydrogen while giving birth to a light baby.

Mommy ions, as they are made from tightly curled up blankets, with less mass, will be a lot smaller than daddy ions but much faster and tougher. If a mommy and a daddy ever hit each other really, really hard, similar to a marble hitting a bowling ball, it will always be the daddy (bowling ball) that breaks up into pieces, the mommy (marble) never breaks up (1960’s SLAC proton/electron collision experiments). If daddies hit daddies really hard they will both break up (LHC proton/proton collision experiments) – but the daddy pieces one way or another will eventually join other cores again as nothing is ever lost. Mommies will never be seen to hit each other no matter how fast you hurl them at each other. Sisters apparently don’t mess with each other and maintain a tight but respectful distance. Brothers take body blows with shattering consequences.

Mommy/daddy’s will move around in the space we have created, clustering together and under conditions of high plasma density and kinetic vibration (temperature), merge with other mommy/daddy ions, first making single cell neucleons, and from these, larger atomic families (the periodic table). From these elements and isotopes we will then make other things and so on.

All sorts of things are possible. It really could be a lot of fun, and since we were once immortal, the 1st and 2nd Rules mean that nothing of us will ever get lost, Most parts will stick around in clusters of different size, some will kinda go off on their own, but everything will always be somewhere and still connected, even if its sometimes sort of hard to find.

Having a life means we can dance and couple having sex together. Also we can communicate with each other by making light babies that can carry messages over long distances of space.

The cosmic matter cycle, once it reaches homeostasis, will provide as much fresh space as needed to maintain a uniform universal space density.

The electric charge shields mean that we will be well protected and will be able to defend ourselves from each other. As we all really like our blankets and don’t want to lose them, the strong opposite and attractive force between the charge shells makes it easy for each of us to keep one blanket close to us, and as all mommy blankets are alike, it is not important which spinning daddy the blanket originally belonged to (just love the one your with). The electric charge shells and magnetic fields will also allow us and our blankets to come together in an orbital union, letting us keep spinning, staying aligned, without ever touching one another.

There are several reasons we are deciding to get the 4 life energies from the Type II matter in the hollow. First the materials assayer in us said there is more stuff in the hollow plasm than there is in the blanket, so we have an extra 0.000289 units of immortal mass to work with. The psychologist in us said we should keep the blanket as everybody feels really safe with it, and we don’t want to lose that good feeling. Another reason, perhaps even more important, is the mathematician in us said that both the ball and the blanket have primal surfaces to protect them. The 2nd Rule makes it pretty clear – 3 connected surfaces before transformation means 3 connected surfaces after transformation. In fact it seems that it is impossible to topologically remove the S1 surface of the spinning core – or worse yet the S2/S3 surfaces that protect the blanket. Being immortal apparently has its topological limits. Where does one put a surface or surfaces if you don’t want them around?  Our engineers think they have found one method, which we will call “positron annihilation,” but it seems you have to make the extra surfaces first for that to work, so our number doesn’t change. In any case, the hollow plasm doesn’t have any surfaces to protect it as it is just contained squishy stuff, so according to our mining engineer, its really the easiest place within ourselves from where to get the raw energy we need to make all the other basic things we need for life but don’t have right now. All we have to do is let the variable density plasm genie out of its absolute density bottle, and it will spontaneously do the rest by naturally de-linking and making the four energies of life: space, motion, electricity, and light.

Finally, we should seriously consider not doing this, as once we decide to change and then actually go through with it, the initial change will happen really quickly for all of us. After the initial transformation and subsequent phases, there will a longer time of expansion and settling in (billions of years) until the density of space energy stabilizes with fresh infusions from galactic matter cycle eruptions. After homeostasis we as the cosmos will perpetually maintain ourselves within narrow limits.

There will be no going back to what we once were, because everything we immortals now do together is forever, and once we stop doing things in unison (half life means only half of us can transform within a fixed time) we can never all decide together at the same time again, so the change will be permanent, meaning absolutely forever.

Beginning of the History of our Time

After much serious consideration the immortals decided to do it anyway. Sort of like, “damn the torpedoes, full speed ahead” or more likely, “everybody have a great life, go break an egg”; and the very next moment the plan to get a life was put into effect. History had begun.
  • First there was the breaking of the eggs.
  • Next came the time of the cold expanding magnetic plasm ocean.
  • Next the little bangs moment came and went, with the universe going from 0° K to 100,000,000° K in less than two days.
  • Next came the time of the cooling hot all plasma ion universe after the birth of electricity space and motion.
  • Next, when the universe had expanded and cooled enough, came the time of the all hydrogen universe with the birth of light.
  • Next came the growth of the spinfields and the birth and death of stars with neucleon synthesis, the formation of electric supercells with their unsatiable appetites, and the concurrent formation of galaxies with supermassive electric supercell cores and hyper-spinfields.
  • Finally the time of cosmic homeostasis arrived, when as much fresh space was being created by active galaxy supercells as was dissipating with time, maintaining a constant cosmic volume and space density, thus providing a permanent open road for life, liberty, intelligence, knowledge and the pursuit of happiness.

The Universe Today

Only billions of years after the grand transformation of spinoffs, halving’s and clustering for the first time could one get an idea of how many immortals there once were. We come from the approximately 2.4 x 1068 immortals that made the milky way galaxy. With some of our earth orbit telescopes we can see perhaps 500 billion galaxies of all sizes in the universe with an estimated average of 50 billion stars each, and there may be many more  which we have not as yet seen. This would place the number of once immortals we now see at around 3.0 x 1079.

Within the time period of the matter cycle – a length of time we can only guess as being many billions of years – the deuteron and neutron atomic families (the periodic table of natural elements & isotopes) are synthesized and start combining together making molecules, which started combining together, etc., etc. etc., and after many cosmic cycles made all the stuff and information that eventually makes you and me right now hearing this story. We estimate the earth, home to around 3.5 x 1051 former immortals, was formed around 4.6 billion years ago, however the atoms that make the earth were synthesized billions of years before then. We humans with a 150 pound body weight play host to and process a continuous stream of 4.0 x 1028 once immortals that maintain our bodies during our lifetime.

And everybody, this includes you, me and everything else, now lives – happily or not – in the billions and billions of galaxies spread throughout the universe. And, believe it or not, nobody has ever broken any of nature’s rules, not even once. This has been going on since the breaking of the eggs, which began the history of our time.

And that is the legend how the immortals became atoms space and light, and started living in galaxies, and how the universe that we presently observe came into being a long, long time ago.

Now, I know some of you really smart folks are going to ask me, “what is the stuff with mass we call matter”?, and “where does it come from”? These are very good questions, and the answers are simple. The mass of matter is stuff made from two different yet equal quantum chunks of energy that are tightly linked together; and we still don’t have the slightest clue where the two energies come from, and probably never will. Perhaps there is a divine being.

The Narrator’s Rant

The Cosmic Balance – Why cannot there be only hydrogen in the universe?

The reason the universe cannot be only hydrogen is because there is a continuous need for fresh space (free rise movement/energy) to replace the isotropic expansion and diffusion-in-place of existing space at the accelerating speed of light. While electricity (free spin movement/energy shells) envelopes and stays with matter, space expands and diffuses-in-place forever.

Protons kept in a deuteron, or helion cell (meaning all atoms except hydrogen-1) are basically captives to a neutron cell, imprisoned in its plasm, with their mojo (electric charge shell) taken over by the neutron. The neutron’s neutral membrane and plasm substance, is now in-between the proton’s neutral S1 surface and its positive electric charge shell jacket.

Sometimes newly made mommy/daddy pairs, who perhaps didn’t yet understand how nature worked would say. “Can you believe it? A mommy/daddy couple actually had to give up being alive to make one of these energy sucking vampires and another daddy had to become his captive with his mommy dancing to the masters tune. Even worse, if any extra energy is required to be spent for atom building maintenance and construction, the building committee – made up of peanut-heads of course – naturally makes sure all of the energy comes out of poor daddies balls making them all just a wee bit smaller*, and get this, these wanna-be immortals and their free-loading guests never have to pay anything, their balls never get smaller, not even the teeniest tiniest bit, ever. Why can’t there be only mommy/daddy’s happily dancing forever like the immortals were once clustered forever? It just doesn’t seem fair.”

Doesn’t seem fair? Shit yes its fair! Think of it this way, the immortals had to give up their immortality to become you, the electrified cores and curled up blanket balls that have taken their place. Now there are only slightly more than 13 % of these once immortal beings in the universe at any moment, so what if slightly less than 13 % of you daddies are captives getting your one ball squeezed once in a while, having to pay taxes, and share your attractive mommies charms with an immortal look alike and their cronies; there are still 74 % of you daddies, all the time, that are out there dancing away with your mommies and are currently paying no taxes at all. In fact, you really need to understand this, and don’t you ever forget it, we absolutely need to always keep these deuterons, helions and neutrons coming, as after all free neutrons are the only (with one exception) critters in nature that can make fresh space, and if we didn’t occasionally keep sending free neutrons out from galaxy cores, like cannon fodder, knowing full well that they will quickly fuck themselves and transform into a fresh mommy/daddy pair along with more space and motion, space would start becoming rarer and rarer and the cosmic pressure that provides the resistance to motion by mass and keeps us together on the large scale, would start to drop. You just can’t hang on to space, you have to keep making it fresh all the time! That’s what the cosmic matter cycle’s for. Why do you think there are all these galaxies popping off out there everywhere you look? The thought of running out of expanding space totally scares the hell out of me, as the consequences are way too awful to even think about, so lets not even go there. Space pressure is just fine the way it is, thank you very much, and since it took whatever time was needed for the matter cycle to find the right balance, I am pretty sure we would all like to keep it that way. Consider that the universal volume now stays in equilibrium, with as much space arriving as there is diffusing, and everybody gets a turn now and then to be a master or a slave, as part of the grand scheme of things. I think 13 neutrons with 13 captive protons, and 74 free protons out of a hundred once immortals all the time is a pretty fair split. Don’t you?

*Neu Mass & Charge Radii Table tells you (among other things) the size of all the natural atomic balls. The 54 captive protons in the 82 cell Xenon-136 cluster (54 deuterons and 28 neutrons) have the smallest (with the exception of the electron and positron) balls in nature (~1.67094 x 10-15 meters in diameter, 0.01275 x 10-15 meters smaller than the ~1.68369 x 10-15 meters neutron or proton cores).