NEU Theory


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In Neu Theory, number is one of the four primal physical quantities of nature. Number along with Form is the 2nd Dimension of Physical Reality.

There are only two real numbers in Neu Theory. The integer one, called n, and a very large number of ones, called N. Number can only add. This simply means that all fractions of n must add up to one; and all collections of n must add up to N. The conservation of number is one of the three parts of the Prime Law of Nature.This is called The Certainty Principle.

Zero is not considered a real number, and the symbol “0″ is used as a place holder for the number 10 in the description of large numbers and small fractions. Zero is also used to represent the equally balanced state when magnetic moments and quantum spins are added together in opposite directions. example; the alpha particle has zero spin and zero magnetism.

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