NEU Theory

types of matter

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In Neu Theory, there are only two types of matter in nature, designated as Type I & Type II:

  • Type I matter is always at absolute density (~ 6.693 x 1017 kg/m3) and a specific volume of 1.494 090 x 10-18 m3/kg. Type I matter behaves like a incompressible homogeneous liquid analogous to liquid mercury. The elementary core [1] & the elementary membrane [2] are Type I matter.
  • Type II matter has a variable density (~ 9.68 x 1014 kg/m3 – 3.33 x 10-10 kg/m3). Type II matter behaves analogous to a homogeneous compressible gas. The elementary plasm [3] is Type II matter. The densest plasms are with Lead 208. The least dense plasms are with ultra cold neutrons.
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