NEU Theory


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1. In Current Science, matter is that which has mass and occupies space; physical substance as distinct from spirit, mind, qualities, etc.

2. In Neu Theory, matter refers only to the 3 primal substances made from quantum spinrise, the linked form of absolute spin movement/energy and absolute rise movement/energy. The 3 primal substances with their invariant quantum matter ratio is:

Spinrise matter has inertia (resistance to being moved), which is measured as mass, and is equal to its rise movement/energy content only, not its physical volume.

It is also hypothesized that spin movement/energy does not add inertia (i.e., mass) to spinrise matter, but it does impact its physical volume.

The term matter specifically includes the positron, and other fragments of core spinrise, with or without an electric charge shell, that are created during high energy atomic collisions.

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