NEU Theory

NEU Theory

The Nature of Physical Reality


1. In General, historically, the ether was a substance believed to permeate space that served as a medium for the transmission of electromagnetic waves. The Michelson/Morley speed of light experiment disproved the hypothesis of a stationary ether that occupies space.

2. In Neu Theory the concept of an stationary ether is not used, as it considers space itself (isotropic free rise energy), as the naturally moving substance that transports photons. Space, or Zome, is a singular dynamic physical structure in homeostasis with definite physical properties. Zome is one of the seven primary physical objects in nature, and is the largest physical object in nature. Zome is all of the cosmic volume, and serves nature as its universal common carrier (think FedEx) of photons from place to place, at the speed of light that is naturally accelerating. In principle, the properties of space are measurable, however as the energy to be measured is so small it may be difficult in practice to devise a sensitive enough experiment.

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