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The Nature of Physical Reality


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1. In Current Science, space is an empty container (a vacuum) in which objects exist and are separated by distance.

2. In metaphysics, space is a continuous, infinitely divisible, unbounded volume with unlimited extension in every direction without reference to matter and energy.

3. In astronomy, space is the immense expanse of the universe beyond the earth’s atmosphere with a near vacuum occupying the regions between planets, stars, and galaxies.

Historically space was not considered to have any intrinsic physical properties of its own. All physical properties were associated with the entities that occupied space. The 19th century concept of an ether imagined a medium that occupied pre-existing space. This changed in the 20th century when the two theories of relativity, and other concepts such as, vacuum energy and dark energy began to associate physical properties with space.

4. In Neu Theory, space is free rise energy in the form of zome. See Zome, zomon.

  • Space is one of the seven primary objects of nature, with measurable physical properties.
  • Space (cosmic space) is made from a large number of expanding and diffusing-in-place bursts of free rise energy (space quanta or zomons) from spontaneous neutron transformations.
  • Space is being continuously replenished by fresh zomons with the galactic matter/energy cycles.
  • Space is isotropic movement at the speed of light c. This speed is naturally accelerating with the constant a.
  • Space is the universal common carrier (think cosmic FedEx) for radiation energy – the transporting of photons, from one matter place to another matter place, within the cosmic volume. Photons do not move, space does all the moving.
  • Space charges two service fees (redshifts) on each photon of radiation being transported, a constant mileage tax (1st redshift or Hubble redshift), and an accelerating aging tax, based on the historical time of travel (2nd redshift or “dark energy” redshift). Both redshifts act concurrently beginning with photon emission.
  • Space is not bent by matter or charge. It always acts perpendicular to matter and charge.
  • Space decelerates neutral matter atoms not bound to a spinfield. (Pioneer spacecrafts anomaly)
  • Space accelerates charged matter ions not bound to a magnetic field or a g-rise/spinfield. (ultra high energy cosmic rays)
  • Space is not bent by movement/synergy fields and effects. Magnetic fields, electric fields, spinfields, and hyper spinfields are projections into space, that do not change the underlying isotropic substance of space.
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