NEU Theory

nuclear spin

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1. In Current Science, nuclear spin is the total angular momentum of a nuclide measured in ½ integer units.

2. In Neu Theory, nuclear spin is the net residual quantum spin vector orientation of any nuclide after all the up (+) and down (-) spin orientations of the individual neucleons is added together.

It is hypothesized that all the neucleon core spins are aligned with a common nuclear spin axis that has the freedom to point in any direction. In the model the nuclide itself does not rotate, only the cores [1a][1b] enclosed within a non-spinning plasm [3a], and a non-spinning membrane [2a], perpetually rotate.

Nuclear spin is always a positive or negative whole integer or zero (not a ½ integer or zero as in current science), as the 3 neucleons that make up all nuclides have integer spins:

  • The deuteron (2 cores) has a nuclear spin of +2 (↑↑).
  • The helion (3 cores) has a nuclear spin of +1 (↑↑↓).
  • The neutron (1 core) has a nuclear spin of +1 (↑).
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