NEU Theory


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1. In Current Science, entropy is the increase in disorder or randomness of a system within its environment; the natural flow of heat is from hot to cold; the second law of thermodynamics.

2. In Neu Theory, entropy is the relative deceleration (non-acceleration) of 2nd law type thermal and kinetic energy when compared to the continuous acceleration of 1st law type energy. Relative deceleration occurs by three methods:

  • By non-acceleration relative to uniform universal acceleration; examples, the accelerating redshift of photons from distant Type 1a supernovae; the kinetic energy “lost” by the Pioneer spacecrafts.
  • By direct action; example, the Hubble redshift of photons from distant sources;
  • By field effect; example, the g-rise/spinfield shift of photons emitted from a massive source (gravitational redshift). The bending of photons traversing a spinfield does not cause redshift.
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