NEU Theory


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In Neu Theory, the identity of time is universal uniform acceleration a of the two absolute movement/energy forms, quantum spin and quantum rise.

Time, or natural acceleration a, is the 3rd of the 4 primal physical quantities of nature.

Physically, time can be considered as a perpetual small uniform acceleration to the constant speed of light c. It is this perpetual one way acceleration of c, that establishes the one way directional arrow of time. The physical meaning of “now” is the current speed of light.

The experience of time can be imagined as the constant rush of existence of the two energies within ourselves.

Time acceleration of spin and rise movement/energy has five invariant properties;

  • immortality
  • fixed value
  • smoothness
  • fixed inline directions (bent for spin and straight for rise)
  • synchronization.

The physical measurement of time is limited to the discrete quantum spins of quantum objects. See moment.

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