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spinrise matter plasm

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In Neu Theory, the spinrise matter plasm is one of seven elementary particles, and [3] of the elementary forms of nature.

After spontaneous neutron transformation, the de-linkage of the spinrise plasm matter contained between the spinrise matter core and the spinrise matter membrane, is the source of the environmental forms of nature:

Spinrise plasm is 0.000833u of Type II matter (variable density) that is made with Step 5 of the matter/energy cycle. In the model matter cores [1a][1b] and matter membranes [2a][2b] have a stable existence with an absolute density, while the spinrise plasm [3a] energies are de-linked and re-linked in 0.000833u quantum matter chunks. The recycling of plasm is the key in the process that maintains cosmic homeostasis.

spinrise plasms, plasm, plasms
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