NEU Theory

NEU Theory

The Nature of Physical Reality


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In Neu Theory, movement is the presence of energy and the 1st Dimension of Physical Reality. There are two perpetual movement/energy forms in nature, called quantum spin and quantum rise, and everything in the universe is made from just these two movement/energies linked and de-linked as elementary forms to include:

  • three forms of matter [1][2][3]
  • four forms of energy [6][8][9][11]
  • four forms of synergy [4][5][7][10]

Neu Theory describes three types of natural movement:

Absolute Movement

Absolute Movement is movement at the speed of light c that is uniformly accelerating with the constant a. Absolute movement is isotropic with a fixed direction (bent or straight). The forms of absolute movement are:

Physical Movement

The forms of physical movement, or physical acceleration are:

  • The g-spin of the neutron core [1a], the proton core [1b], and the electron membrane ball [2b].
  • The g-rise of the three elementary matter objects [1][2][3] individually and collectively.
  • The g-fall of the electric charge shells [6+][6-] individually and collectively.
  • The g-rise of space [8] collectively.

Physical acceleration is an intrinsic movement, i.e., movement by the object itself; a natural acceleration of the system of reference. Physical movement is not an addition of energy into the universe, it is the perpetual addition of natural force caused by uniform universal acceleration a acting on matter and energy forms.

Relative Movement

Relative movement or motion is the movement of an object relative to a system of reference at speeds less than or equal to the current speed of light. Relative movement can be accelerating or non-accelerating. The relative motion forms in nature are:

  • Linear velocity of matter objects at less than the speed of light. 2nd law energy.
  • Orbital velocity of electrons in atomic structures. 1st law energy.
  • Orbital velocity of satellites around a celestial body at less than the speed of light. 1st law energy.
  • Non-accelerating closure speed of photons at the speed of light. 2nd law energy. This is an increase in wavelength, and the cause of redshift.
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