NEU Theory

NEU Theory

The Nature of Physical Reality

electric dipole fields

1. In Current Science, the electric dipole field is a field of force surrounding charged bodies. The electric fields creates an attractive force between unlike charges, and a repulsive force between like charges.

2. In Neu Theory, the electric dipole fields [7+][7-] are one of the fundamental forms of nature. The electric fields are movement/synergy forms caused by the topological splitting and separation of the spin energy of the plasm [3] during the little bang when the two electric charge shells surrounding the spinrise core and the spinrise membrane are formed. The electric force between the positive and negative charge shells is not a form of energy, it is a form of movement/synergy that creates a electromotive potential between charged bodies. The electromotive potential can be converted into kinetic motion. All the absolute spin movement/energy (0.000 833u ~ 0.782 Mev) of the plasm [3] remains equally divided between the two electric charge shells and is never reduced.

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