NEU Theory

NEU Theory

The Nature of Physical Reality


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1. In Current Science, gravity is the force of universal attraction between all matter and energy. The force is extremely weak on the microscopic scale, but as it is unlimited in range, it can only add becoming dominant on the cosmic scale. Gravity is considered as one of four fundamental forces of nature.

2. In Neu theory, gravity is a movement/synergy form that can be described by two components called g-rise and spinfield. The g-rise/spinfield is [5] of the fundamental forms of nature. G-rise/spinfields can only add:

  • G-rise is the intrinsic physical movement of matter, a dynamic primal physical property.
  • The Spinfield is two synchronous movement/synergy effects that change the speed and direction of matter objects, and the energy and direction of photons relative to the g-rising surface of a matter body.
    • The spinfield effects are a projection into space, and in principle, do not change the underlying physical properties of space. To be clear, in this model, the spinfield does not bend, twist, compress, or warp space in any manner.
    • Unlike the unlimited range assigned in the conventional concept of gravity, the spinfield effects of Neu Theory only have a limited range beyond the surface of a massive body. The extent of this is effect is called the spinfield hollow volume. Within this volume, the massive body has orbital control of satellites, outside this volume, it itself, is in orbit around some other larger body.
    • Neu Theory does not consider the spinfield a physical force. Instead the spinfield is considered the physical effect on visiting bodies caused by the dynamic topology of the underlying structure.
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